About us

What's the time Mr Wolf?

The name Mr Wolf originated from the old kids game “what’s the time Mr Wolf”. Because of this, the founder has taken on the nickname “Mr Wolf”. 


Who Are We? 

Mr Wolf Watch Mods is an independent watch modding company based in Australia. Mr. Wolf delivers high end modified watches for an affordable price all over the world. 


Why Watches?

“Watches have been a part of my life since I was a young boy. Seeing my father's collection sparked my interest at a young age. In todays day, with the time on our phone, and on almost everything that runs off electricity, watches are no longer as much as a necessity as they used to be. Although I don’t believe watches need to be a necessity, watches are an expression of your personality, they are a confidence builder. They are like a glass of water to that quenching thirst for more watches.” - Mr Wolf


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver beautiful, usable and reliable custom tool watches to the world.


We pride ourselves on:

⁃ Usable beautiful timepieces
⁃ The utmost quality service
⁃ The highest quality products
⁃ Quick build times
⁃ Quick trackable deliveries


Thank you for visiting Mr Wolf Watch Mods! Feel free to contact us anytime, or connect with us on social media.